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Monday, July 11, 2011

As we proceed......

While we are climbing to reach that mountain top, don't look down don't look back don't pause don't stop;

We all have a dream as we all have a story; if we don't seek we won't find that never ending story;

Don't give up don't break down and don't you cry, get suited and booted and continue to try;

Walk the walk down that road of ready, ladies hold your heads up stay focused stay steady;

Rather it be for professional or personal, we have been blessed by one who is so merciful;

Now work that work that all that you gat (got), its your time to shine now thats the end of that!

Ladies I won't take no for an answer, and you shouldn't take no for an answer either,you really do owe it to yourself, stop accepting the no you're not beautiful, the no you're not worthy and good enough, no no no, tell yourselves yes yes yes, yes you are pretty, yes you do deserve better, and by God if you believe, yes you shall receive it!!!

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