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Monday, July 11, 2011

A Woman's Touch by Tammy J......

Here you have a poem intended to inspire the doubtful woman, you may have been emotionally ruined, put all your hopes and strength in a man, but you must realize you have strength too and therefore you must have hope in yourself! Not to get it confused though men, this is not intended to promote any kind of chauvinism but to help uplift that broken woman, and besides I have permission from God to do so.....

A Woman's Touch by Tammy J:

Looking deep within inside of me, to find true happiness and where I wanna be;

No diamonds and no money can make me feel, this feeling I've found thats all so real;

Although all of the above would be so nice, but don't allow yourself to be bought please take my advice;

We must first find that happiness from within ourselves, before we can seek it in anyone else;

Yes we all come in various shapes, sizes, and colors, but we're all still the same in one way or another;

We allow our feelings too much to be dictated, we fall carelessly in love to only be manipulated;

Is it real or is it just a dream, that we as women need to have more self esteem;

I've often heard that its a man's world and in its so much, but what would it be without a woman's touch?

The only man that deserves all the praise and glory is God and He strengthens us all and equips us with what we need!

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