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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Just happy being me.....

I'm just happy being me, after dealing with so many issues that stunted my growth as a person (successfully and otherwise)yes it was a long process overcoming, but dear God I made it, and now I'm happy being me!

When people all around me had doubt and told me I wouldn't amount to much and that I could and would never live out my dreams, well I'm no longer sleep and making my dreams a reality and now I got more of a reason to celebrate, today I celebrate who I am (physically, emotionally, spiritually and all) I am just happy to be me!

When that no good man put his hands on me and over the years it caused me to be shut in, shut down (mentally) and almost give up, I even attempted suicide twice, but God has plans for me, so needless to say the attempts didn't work, but today I celebrate me because I am happy to be me!

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